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Rnd Rnk(U) Rnk(A) Coords Race Size Value Score Rulername Planetname Alliance Username
87166266:8:1Cat12634.8M8.8M"The Black Shadow"of"Depth of Despair"The Heralds of ChaoZThe Inquisition
868494:9:6Cat25176.2M10.5M"The Black Shadow"of"Riders on the Storm"ConspEresyThe Inquisition
859976:6:1Etd16265.2M10.9M"The Black Shadow"of"On Yer Bike Matey"ConspEresyThe Inquisition
83122217:2:3Cat24625.4M9.3M"No Sight of Him Yet"of"The Invisible Man"ConspEresyThe Inquisition
82167284:4:3Etd15285.9M11.3M"The Inquisition"of"The Comfy Chair"ConspEresyThe Inquisition
80263261:5:7Cat13564.9M8.9M"Knights of Nic"of"A Shrubbery"HeresyThe Inquisition