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Rnd Rnk(U) Rnk(A) Coords Race Size Value Score Rulername Planetname Alliance Username
31616755:2:12Xan3752.0M2.5M"The New Adventures"of"Captain Planet"xVxTobs123
3013486:9:13Etd22325.8M8.7M"i am tired"of"the same old"xVxTobs123
29465275:1:8Xan8441.9M2.8M"Would the Owner"of"this planet"Howling RainTobs123
28456135:6:11Ter3151.5M2.6M"this is one"of"my worst hobbies"Howling RainTobs123
271837545:4:15Xan6210.2M0.2M"this is a joke"of"must have a name"Howling RainTobs123