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Rnd Rnk(U) Rnk(A) Coords Race Size Value Score Rulername Planetname Alliance Username
89382396:7:9Etd5613.8M4.1M"LA GLORIOSA NACION DE LITUANIA"of"LLENO DE BANDIDOS"DLRIts like tomas
88313288:2:9Ter10694.7M8.1M"BOT ARMY"of"DLR"DLRIts like tomas
872210:10:5Ter25045.4M13.9M"if i say bumble you say ___"of"3 flowers and the __"DLRits like tomas
86450558:5:7Zik8742.5M5.6M"DUKE"of"WESELTON"Zero Toleranceits like tomas
8430105:10:2Cat26117.9M11.8M"THE TIMON N PUMBAA EFFECT WILL"of"MAKE U HAKUNA MATATA"DLRits like tomas
83170216:6:6Cat19535.8M8.8M"TURJAKE THINK HE RUNS THIS BUT"of"DANY IS THE REAL MVP"p3nguinsits like tomas
82189202:8:4Xan16555.6M11.0M"SNORLAX SLEEPING LIKE A ROCK"of"IIMMUNE TO UR CALLS"Norsemenits like tomas