1:1:1 - Lunar_Lamp is Ruler of The Server Hamsters (PATSA)
Uni Ranks Race U# Size U# Value U# Score U# XP
Ter 318 0 319 23639 319 23639 312 0
24hrs ago 746074723159747231597250
Since last week +4240+424+3359+424+3359+4120

Latest P scan : tick 1032 (age 145 ticks) - Take new P scan
Latest D scan : tick 413 (age 764 ticks) - Take new D scan
Lfac Mfac Hfac Amps Dists Mref Cref Eref Resl FCs SCs MCs STDefs TT Infra Hulls Waves Cores CovOp HCT
0000000000000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Guards : 0
Res Stocked : 3111000 (value: 20740)
Production : 0

Tick GTime Size Value Score XP Scans Events
expand Today0202363920236390
expand Yesterday040023619400236190
expand 2 days ago048023219480232190
expand 3 days ago047922739479227390
expand 4 days ago048022260480222600
expand 5 days ago048021780480217800
expand 6 days ago048021300480213000
expand 7 days ago048020820480208200P
expand 8 days ago048020340480203400
expand 9 days ago048019860480198600
expand10 days ago048019380480193800
expand11 days ago048018900480189000
expand12 days ago048018420480184200
expand13 days ago048017940480179400
expand14 days ago048017460480174600
expand15 days ago048016980480169800
expand16 days ago048016500480165000
expand17 days ago048016020480160200
expand18 days ago048015540480155400
expand19 days ago048015060480150600
expand20 days ago048014580480145800
expand21 days ago048014100480141000
expand22 days ago048013620480136200
expand23 days ago048013140480131400
expand24 days ago048012660480126600
expand25 days ago048012180480121800
expand26 days ago048011700480117000
expand27 days ago048011220480112200
expand28 days ago048010740480107400
expand29 days ago048010260480102600
expand30 days ago0480978048097800
expand31 days ago0480930048093000
expand32 days ago0480882048088200 D
expand33 days ago0480834048083400
expand34 days ago0480786048078600P
expand35 days ago0480738048073800
expand36 days ago0480690048069000P
expand37 days ago0480642048064200
expand38 days ago0480594048059400
expand39 days ago0480546048054600
expand40 days ago0480498048049800
expand41 days ago0480450048045000
expand42 days ago0480402048040200
expand43 days ago0480354048035400
expand44 days ago0480306048030600
expand45 days ago0480258048025800
expand46 days ago0480210048021000
expand47 days ago0480162048016200P
expand48 days ago0480114048011400P
expand49 days ago04806604806600
- No size or xp history