1:1:1 - Cin of Away (PATSA)

Alliance history: Always been in PATSA

Uni Ranks Race U# Size U# Value U# Score U# XP
Xan 754 54 689 825537 698 843537 713 300
24hrs ago 75354689806095697824095714300
Since last week -10-4+136095+136095+20

Tick GTime Size Value Score XPEvents
expand Today5416208255371620843537300
expand Yesterday541944282391719442841917300
expand 2 days ago541944280447519442822475300
expand 3 days ago541944278503319442803033300
expand 4 days ago541944376559119443783591300
expand 5 days ago541944274614819442764148300
expand 6 days ago541944272670619442744706300
expand 7 days ago541944270726419442725264300
expand 8 days ago541944268782219442705822300
expand 9 days ago541944266838019442686380300
expand10 days ago541944264893819442666938300
expand11 days ago-11541739762949617397647496300 1
expand12 days ago-13651816561209918165630099300 1
expand13 days ago782079659393420796611934300
expand14 days ago782079657313820796591138300
expand15 days ago782079555234220795570342300
expand16 days ago782079653154720796549547300
expand17 days ago782079651075120796528751300
expand18 days ago782079548995520795507955300
expand19 days ago-8781949746916019497487160300 1
expand20 days ago862124744966321247467663300
expand21 days ago862124642841621246446416300
expand22 days ago862124740717021247425170300
expand23 days ago862124738592321247403923300
expand24 days ago862124636467621246382676300
expand25 days ago862124734343021247361430300
expand26 days ago862124732218321247340183300
expand27 days ago862124730093621247318936300
expand28 days ago862124627968921246297689300
expand29 days ago862124725844321247276443300
expand30 days ago862124723719621247255196300
expand31 days ago30862217021594922170233949300 1
expand32 days ago561432419377914324211779300
expand33 days ago561094617945510946197455300
expand34 days ago5696531685099653186509300
expand35 days ago5681361588568136176856300
expand36 days ago5672501507207250168720300
expand37 days ago5671741434707174161470300
expand38 days ago-15659911362965991154296300 1
expand39 days ago5758511303055851148305300
expand40 days ago5752781244545278142454300
expand41 days ago-3357-672119176-672137176300 2
expand42 days ago-19790-16783119848-16783137848300 5 2
expand43 days ago-132873800213663138002154631300 2
Size history
Tick GTime Sized XPd Size Analysis
77805:01-110Got roided
77122:01-130Got roided
31118:01300Quest bonus
13712:01-10Got roided
7623:01-160Got roided
6209:01-170Got roided
4718:01-300Got roided
4213:01150Quest bonus
3910:01-290Got roided
3607:01-430Got roided
3405:01-600Got roided
3304:01-800Got roided
3203:01300Quest bonus
XP history
Tick GTime Sized XPd Poor Analysis
221:03300300Inited to 300
XP histogram
Count XPd Notes