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XTC69 old rounds
8927541:2:613Etd6834.1M5.4M"RUBENS"of"REVENGE"Howling Rain
Skipped 3 round(s)
85234336:6:416Cat15705.1M8.7M"imarbles"of"G II"p3nguins
8420713:7:65Etd21906.6M8.4M"CBAs Ego"of"Ruining Rounds"Howling Rain
8319842:10:59Etd22296.7M8.4M"Draw Full Used Batteries"of"Your Missus Vibrator"Howling Rain
82434173:6:138Xan7055.0M7.3M"Mark Chopper Ried"of"H Block"Howling Rain
8113087:2:520Zik18086.5M8.7M"Big Bag"of"Weed"HuRTS
8019338:5:746Cat28697.2M9.7M"WORST STATS EVER"of"SHOOT IDIOT WHO MADE"Howling Rain
79394142:2:453Xan13195.1M7.2M"CBA SOCK ACCOUNT"of"SUPPORT PLANET 4"Howling Rain
78382414:6:353Cat9735.1M6.2M"PA Policy _Multis OK"of"Get Hacked_ Deleted"HR feat Heresy
77378205:2:134Zik15184.7M10.3M"BLUE WAFFLE OUTBREAK"of"MY EXES VAJAY"Howling Rain
76259219:5:321Xan15713.8M5.5M"DEFENCE PLANET FOR CBA"of"HIS IMAGINARY GF"Howling Rain
75120212:5:217Cat13894.7M7.1M"Big Bag"of"Magic"Howling Rain
74316171:5:722Xan19285.2M10.1M"MR NICE GUY"of"NO MORE"Howling Rain
73468155:3:210Etd5463.3M3.7M"Crashing for fun"of"coz im a nub"Howling Rain
72603437:5:440Xan2111.3M2.1M"I <3 Manchester"of"No Surrender 2 ISIS"Howling Rain
71349117:4:319Etd4053.4M4.2M"Blue Waffle"of"Ya Wifes Fadge"Howling Rain
7024472:7:624Etd5493.8M4.9M"Catching a STD"of"A dirty slapper"Howling Rain
6931784:3:739Xan4513.8M4.6M"RUSHING MY BACK OUT"of"MDMA"Howling Rain
68275144:6:613Etd7943.3M4.2M"Pork Chops"of"AllahsSnackbar"Howling Rain
67325141:4:436Xan4712.9M4.1M"Sick"of"This"Howling Rain
66331204:8:652Xan7453.2M4.4M"7 WEEKS"of"THE WORST STATS EVER"Howling Rain
65318254:10:421Etd9233.4M4.3M"Dead Man Walking"of"Death Row"Howling Rain
64285178:5:128Xan11123.9M5.0M"INBRED ISIS SOLDIER"of"DRINKING CAMEL PI55"Howling Rain
63162111:10:42Xan12694.5M5.5M"72 Virgin Express"of"Chris Kyles Rifle"Howling Rain
62202111:9:629Etd8954.2M5.4M"Inmate David Charlton"of"HMP Strangeways"Howling Rain
61186129:6:462Etd15904.3M6.1M"Used Batteries"of"Kalis Sextoys"Howling Rain
60236135:9:447Etd4833.2M4.6M"Insomniac"of"Genesis II"Howling Rain
59248125:7:447Etd9003.5M5.9M"Such A Good Feeling"of"Total Ecstacy"Howling Rain
58352231:4:813Etd10073.6M4.8M"XTC 69"of"Oldskool Vibes"Howling Rain
Races played
Cnt Rnd Nick
2 89 Sleipnes
2 85 wuschel
2 83 Cham
2 83 Hunter
2 81 Hybbe
2 81 Napoleon
2 81 Xpic
2 76 Appie
2 76 Blacky23
2 74 bitesize
2 73 Andi
2 73 sjakal1
4 71 Ramirez
2 71 Kenny
2 70 Yama
2 68 Lion
2 67 signs
3 66 Nicolos
2 64 Nicole
2 61 MaVeRiXX
3 61 Afidelis
Played with 137 players only once