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Elm old rounds
69562298:4:945Xan3001.5M1.6M"Journalistic Musings"of"Edward D Malone"Howling Rain
Skipped 2 round(s)
6664137:5:624Xan7562.2M7.3M"The Mononym"of"Kesha Rose Sebert"Conspiracy
6512973:2:718Cat9354.1M6.2M"The Colloquy"of"Monos and Una"Howling Rain
6419496:4:740Etd8013.9M5.7M"The Conversation"of"Eiros and Charmion"Howling Rain
Skipped 1 round(s)
62330198:3:1025Cat9333.0M4.4M"Anarchistic Mindset"of"The Tomato Pitcher"Howling Rain
6115263:8:88Etd12934.7M6.3M"The Mystery"of"Marie Roget"Howling Rain
60280174:4:1025Etd5872.9M4.3M"The Literary Life"of"Thingum Bob Esq"Howling Rain
5914755:9:62Cat8343.5M6.8M"The Unparalleled Adventure"of"One Hans Pfaall"Howling Rain
58225137:7:512Etd8002.8M6.0M"The Illustrious Father"of"Bigby Wolf"Howling Rain
Skipped 10 round(s)
47601376:2:1325Zik5621.7M1.9M"The Inner Life"of"Martin Frost"Tides of Fire
46270108:8:549Etd7294.1M5.0M"In the Country"of"Last Things"Tides of Fire
45537427:4:1345Cat8702.4M2.8M"Chronicle"of"the Guayaki Indians"Tides of Fire
44288197:2:746Etd8554.0M5.2M"The Neorealism Theory"of"Kenneth N Waltz"Tides of Fire
43174155:6:1114Etd15754.3M5.0M"The Inner Life"of"Martin Frost"Tides of Fire
424023010:5:243Cat6512.7M3.7M"By the Pricking"of"My Thumbs"Tides of Fire
4126567:5:855Cat9083.1M4.5M"The House"of"The Seven Gables"Tides of Fire
4024493:9:647Cat8523.5M4.5M"The Theory"of"Path Dependence"we hart hunter
39864331:2:865Zik3930.4M1.1M"Chronicle"of"the Guayaki Indians"Tides Of Fire
Skipped 1 round(s)
371572810:1:153Ter10283.7M5.2M"The Inner Life"of"Martin Frost"Evolution
36204193:1:323Xan10613.7M4.8M"In The Country"of"Lost Things"DLR
35866111:7:917Cat11060.4M1.3M"The Necessity"of"Animal Rights"Tits of Fury
Skipped 1 round(s)
334325110:9:1034Cat7751.4M3.2M"The Love Song"of"J Alfred Prufrock"Evolution
Races played
Cnt Rnd Nick
2 69 InNeed
4 69 Buddah
4 69 sale
4 66 VdM
3 65 thegreatjupp
4 65 Lockhead
4 65 Recluse
2 62 galla
2 59 Jinstarro
2 59 Wishmaster
2 47 spycors
2 47 TheYimmer
2 46 SpacedMonkey
2 45 Pathogen
2 42 Dav
2 42 Mikee
2 42 ALKI
Played with 94 players only once