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GhostWKD old rounds
62554373:5:831Zik5121.5M1.9M"A Song"of"Ice and Fire"No alliance
61225362:1:217Zik12224.7M5.8M"Snail"of"The Magic Roundabout"Ultores
6030256:8:1021Etd12471.7M4.2M"Not Supposed To"of"Signed Up Again"ODDR
596786:2:420Zik9525.8M7.5M"The King"of"Wishful Thinking"ULTPRIME
58309152:7:616Cat11453.0M5.2M"The Life"of"Brian"Howling Rain
57340495:10:118Xan7353.3M4.8M"King"of"The North"Black Flag
566033211:7:399Xan6161.4M2.2M"The Castle"of"Aaaarrrrggh"ROCK
55163127:9:848Zik19484.5M6.3M"The Life"of"Brian"ROCK
5424511:6:838Xan4772.1M4.4M"The Life"of"Brian"No alliance
Skipped 23 round(s)
3011561347:5:656Zik3810.6M1.3M"GhostWKDs MR2 Sold"of"Now Got A RX7 Yay"No alliance
293551711:7:434Zik11922.0M3.3M"GhostWKDs Bit Bored"of"Fixing The Mr2 Turbo"No alliance
28329153:8:39Etd2272.0M3.1M"GhostWKDs MR2 Turbo"of"On Ebay Now 1200 BIN"ROCK
277578:7:153Zik17485.3M6.3M"I was supposed to"of"quit PA"ROCK
26424810:7:1046Xan16548.9M12.3M"The Secret"of"Monkey Island"NoX
25203145:3:634Zik11143.2M4.2M"I Drink Lots"of"Vodka"ROCK
243743:2:859Zik16875.1M5.9M"Are You Afraid"of"The Unknown?"ROCK
Skipped 1 round(s)
221135625:10:994Xan11510.7M1.5M"Hey You"of"Behind The Bushes"Jenova
Races played
Cnt Rnd Nick
2 62 Mushie
2 62 bull
2 61 Amnion
2 61 snoops
2 61 Ivor
2 61 Motti
2 57 Tiamats
2 29 nolez
2 28 Bluearmy
2 25 adastra
2 25 JeZz
Played with 62 players only once