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Darren old rounds
Rnd Rnk(U) Rnk(A) Coords Race Size Value Score Rulername Planetname Alliance
8510275:4:2Zik42817.4M10.8M"Insomnia"of"I Cant Get No Sleep"NewDawn
Skipped 13 round(s)
71409401:8:2Etd3073.3M3.6M"Insomnia"of"I Cant Get No Sleep"NewDawn
70205203:4:7Xan12114.2M5.2M"Insomnia"of"I Cant Get No Sleep"NewDawn
69161171:10:1Xan17184.6M6.1M"Insomnia"of"I Cant Get No Sleep"NewDawn
68305327:5:3Xan9603.1M3.9M"Insomnia"of"I Cant Get No Sleep"NewDawn
Skipped 7 round(s)
60232126:3:4Zik4902.9M4.6M"Insomnia"of"I Cant Get No Sleep"NewDawn
Skipped 9 round(s)
50414486:6:3Xan9752.8M4.3M"Insomnia"of"I Cant Get No Sleep"NewDawn
49503546:2:6Ter6332.5M3.0M"Insomnia"of"I Cant Get No Sleep"NewDawn
Skipped 2 round(s)
45270197:2:5Xan8493.8M4.9M"Insomnia"of"I cant Get no Sleep"NewDawn
44278405:1:9Xan8784.2M5.2M"Insomnia"of"I cant Get no Sleep"NewDawn
43213253:5:5Zik7943.7M4.7M"Insomnia"of"I cant Get no Sleep"NewDawn
42176282:3:3Zik16144.1M5.1M"Insomnia"of"I Cant get no sleep"NewDawn
41357395:5:1Etd5983.1M3.8M"Insomnia"of"I Cant Get No Sleep"NewDawn
40443561:7:1Zik3162.6M3.2M"Insomnia"of"I Cant Get No Sleep"NewDawn
393923312:3:7Xan6822.3M3.4M"Insomnia"of"I Cant Get No Sleep"NewDawn
384266010:6:7Etd10142.4M3.3M"Insomnia"of"I Cant Get No Sleep"NewDawn
372344010:1:2Zik8803.7M4.6M"Insomnia"of"I Cant Get No Sleep"NewDawn
363735912:5:16Zik5633.1M3.7M"Insomnia"of"I cant get no sleep"NewDawn
351862310:8:5Zik7873.7M5.0M"Insomnia"of"I cant get no sleep"NewDawn
34535529:7:13Xan10652.1M2.8M"Insomnia"of"I cant get no sleep"NewDawn
Skipped 3 round(s)
30592446:5:7Etd7532.5M3.8M"Insomnia"of"I Cant Get No Sleep"Vengeance
291601810:2:15Zik18903.1M4.7M"Snow Patrol"of"Chasing Cars"Denial
Skipped 3 round(s)
2511185:5:5Xan9543.0M5.0M"Chasing Cars"of"Snow Patrol"Vengeance
24214242:7:10Zik14772.1M3.8M"Minos"of"Lost Heros"Vengeance
Skipped 2 round(s)
213672812:1:6Zik13912.2M3.3M"Insomnia"of"I Cant Get No Sleep"Vengeance
Races played
Cnt Rnd Nick
2 85 Byrney
2 85 bass
2 71 baggy
2 68 Arty
2 60 Car
2 60 ManiacMagic
2 46 Amnion
2 44 Whoops
2 44 Aries
2 38 Bigfoot
2 38 Catwoman
2 38 bull
3 37 sale
Played with 96 players only once