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Pathogen old rounds
Rnd Rnk(U) Rnk(A) Coords Race Size Value Score Rulername Planetname Alliance
81561508:5:1Xan3811.9M2.9M"Star Trek"of"Fleet Command"HuRTS
80510396:2:5Ter2054.5M4.8M"Random Ruler Name"of"Random Planet Name"Tal Shiar
79367495:6:8Ter13585.0M7.7M"Lord Commander Dante"of"The Blood Angels"NewDawn
78119218:4:3Zik17698.3M9.7M"Green Keeper"of"Rhorry Land"Ironborn
77227339:9:4Etd14815.7M12.2M"The Incredible Hulk"of"Earth"Conspiracy
Skipped 14 round(s)
61357375:4:5Etd8313.9M4.4M"He reminded me"of"this damn game"p3nguins
Skipped 2 round(s)
587381495:3:1Xan1680.0M0.0M"Fart Fart Fart"of"Burp Burp Burp"No alliance
Skipped 4 round(s)
53328274:1:14Ter5253.6M4.0M"here to wtf pwn"of"legos command"Innuendo
52526512:4:12Cat3342.7M3.1M"IM HERE TO LOSE ALOT"of"VALUE ON SOME PLANET"Innuendo
51409153:9:11Cat9813.9M4.2M"IM HERE TO LOSE ALOT"of"VALUE ON SOME PLANET"Innuendo
Skipped 1 round(s)
4912443:7:5Ter9016.0M6.6M"The Last Stand"of"a Drunken Ape"Innuendo
Skipped 1 round(s)
4712456:9:1Zik13876.4M6.8M"Another Sucky Round"of"Planetarion Again"Tides of Fire
46600366:1:10Ter15962.0M2.4M"Rubbish Start"of"Lets Try Again"Tides of Fire
45192147:4:10Etd8055.1M5.5M"Proud to be part"of"Tides of Fire"Tides of Fire
446494:1:7Zik16306.4M7.3M"Honoured to be a Member"of"Tides of Fire"Tides of Fire
431711410:6:11Cat15554.7M5.0M"OMG"of"IM SO RETIRED"Tides of Fire
42181710:3:9Etd7274.5M5.1M"I Hold A Lot"of"Love For mYkOoL"Tides of Fire
4115445:7:2Ter5494.5M5.4M"Not Much"of"An Effort"Tides of Fire
4022424:6:2Xan6453.8M4.6M"Fist"of"Iron"Tides of Fire
3918631:2:1Etd7453.0M5.0M"The Exceptional Mind"of"Mankind"Tides Of Fire
38338181:3:2Ter9672.9M3.8M"Fed Up"of"Choosing A Name"Vengeance
37444532:8:4Cat7672.5M3.4M"Luck"of"The Draw"Evolution
36127141:9:5Xan16804.6M5.6M"Three Lions"of"E N G L A N D"DLR
351051011:8:8Zik27364.1M5.9M"Focus"of"Do It All"Euphoria
34445251:9:11Xan10172.6M3.2M"Rion-"of"Tides of Fire"p3nguins
33431397:1:5Zik12061.6M3.2M"Sgt Major"of"This Galaxy"p3nguins
327467:9:9Cat12854.0M5.7M"Building"of"A Broken -Empire"EC
3126557:2:3Cat11363.0M3.9M"SO Undecided"of"My Planets Name"Tides of Fire
303253011:4:12Cat8383.7M5.9M"Rise"of"The Machine"xVx
294192111:3:1Cat4831.9M3.0M"Forward Planning"of"Success and Failure"No alliance
2811118:5:2Xan9213.4M5.0M"Living With Hope"of"A Peacefull Night"Tides of Fire
279839:9:5Zik33714.8M5.8M"Brain Ache"of"Thinking"Tides Of Fire
264712311:8:13Etd34958.8M11.5M"Not A Lot"of"Choices"Tides of Fire
2591138:6:13Etd20273.9M5.2M"Fantasy"of"My Own"xVx
Skipped 1 round(s)
2314034069:1:6Ter2550.2M0.3M"Pathogen"of"Bacteria"No alliance
Skipped 1 round(s)
21350212:1:9Cat4962.4M3.3M"Burning Desire"of"Winning This Round"Tides of Fire
204664213:7:13Xan4020.6M2.3M"In The Buisness"of"Trying To Win"Destiny
19409342:6:7Cat5191.2M3.5M"For The Love"of"All Great Things"Tides of Fire
1816111:6:3Zik40597.3M7.7M"Allways Thinking"of"Lame Names"eXilition
16270108:10:5Cat5850.9M4.7M"Dont Think"of"Me as a Target"Tides of Fire
Races played
Cnt Rnd Nick
2 80 bird
2 79 EvilMonkey
2 79 galla
3 79 DerEins
2 79 Greg
2 77 MrSevenx7
2 77 moldypenguins
12 77 Rion
3 53 Exhale
2 53 SuperJoe
2 52 Stender
3 52 Steel
2 51 Henrik
2 51 Macaroth
2 47 adastra
2 46 CBA
2 45 big-al
2 45 Elm
2 43 bitesize
2 41 Sebos
2 40 IsildurX
2 34 Joppa
2 31 pdmaster
2 30 Wk
2 30 xZion
2 29 vex
2 26 Marka
Played with 121 players only once