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nolez old rounds
Rnd Rnk(U) Rnk(A) Coords Race Size Value Score Rulername Planetname Alliance
81516558:5:8Etd5142.6M3.4M"THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY NIGHT"of"AND I JUST GOT ROIDS"p3nguins
80419328:3:6Cat8793.9M7.1M"THE 22 YEAR OLD LOVE"of"LIAM RIGG"Faceless
791315:8:5Cat385511.1M14.3M"WHO IS SHANE WATSON"of"WHAT IS CRICKET"NewDawn
7813396:2:1Etd23016.8M9.5M"Glorious Mane"of"DJT"NewDawn
Skipped 19 round(s)
58582457:7:13Etd3151.7M1.8M"mario balotelli"of"lollerpool"No alliance
57314438:5:1Cat10473.0M5.1M"THE RETURN"of"THE KING"Faceless
Skipped 2 round(s)
5463088200:17:6Cat510.3M0.3M"THE BEAUTIFUL MELODY"of"DOS A CERO"No alliance
Skipped 1 round(s)
527991702:9:12Cat540.1M0.1M"YOUR FAVORITE"of"AMERICAN"No alliance
51717102200:16:1Cat3000.5M0.5M"ONLY SIGNING UP"of"TO BEAT MZ"No alliance
50572294:5:6Zik5332.5M2.9M"BPing with some"of"Planetarions worst"No alliance
4973368200:1:3Cat00.7M0.8M"ALWAYS BE FAPPING"of"NEVER BE CAPPING"No alliance
488041391:4:10Xan4470.2M0.2M"I MADE THIS ACCOUNT"of"TO HELP BENNEH WIN"No alliance
Skipped 2 round(s)
45281142:2:9Etd8904.0M4.7M"Redfoo"of"Sexy and I Know It"No alliance
44163192:6:2Cat8434.6M6.0M"The High Probability"of"Emoquitting"NewDawn
Skipped 1 round(s)
427911475:8:9Ter2460.8M1.4M"THIS IS THE TALE"of"CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW"No alliance
Skipped 1 round(s)
402111:8:7Zik24119.9M10.8M"An Shi Rebellion"of"the Tang Dynasty"xVx
38301714:7:8Etd11566.5M7.2M"Boulevard"of"Broken Dreams"[NFI]
Skipped 2 round(s)
34918943:10:8Zik2021.0M1.2M"boulevard"of"broken dreams"No alliance
Skipped 3 round(s)
2996011611:7:15Zik2730.7M1.0M"what the hell"of"is a spacehamster"No alliance
2821187:1:8Xan27486.0M7.4M"The Olympic Glory"of"Michael Phelps"Ascendancy
Skipped 1 round(s)
2610182810:7:11Etd12125.8M6.7M"im so sick"of"dominating"NoX
2559814:8:5Zik4170.7M2.4M"Captain Morgan"of"Private Stock"NoX
2414224272:4:2Zik2630.1M0.1M"Pockets Full"of"Money"No alliance
Skipped 2 round(s)
217794713:5:10Zik2581.4M1.9M"The Drastic Obesity"of"Alkis Mum"Ascendancy
20349303:4:8Etd1130.2M2.6M"The Cotton Fields"of"jeromes Employer"Ascendancy
Skipped 1 round(s)
182087774200:9:11Zik1080.2M0.2M"Ricky Bobby"of"Talladega Nights"No alliance
Skipped 1 round(s)
1656188:4:1Ter2170.2M7.3M"when im gd im not gd"of"when im bad i suck"Ascendancy
152101612200:3:10Cat2550.2M0.4M"The first day"of"a new beginning"No alliance
14751492:9:15Cat3010.5M2.1M"The Green Monster"of"Fenway Park"No alliance
Races played
Cnt Rnd Nick
2 81 GuPPie
3 81 Swainey
2 80 eksero
2 80 VenoX
2 80 Murfdawgg
2 79 Rabbagast
2 79 Bream
2 79 Lewis
2 78 Olav
2 57 Recluse
2 52 EvilMonkey
2 50 Carrington
2 48 excal
3 40 Master^Wizard
2 38 Williams
2 37 Taraka
2 29 Zaejii
2 29 GhostWKD
Played with 114 players only once