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Recon old rounds
Rnd Rnk(U) Rnk(A) Coords Race Size Value Score Rulername Planetname Alliance
843127:7:2Zik35636.3M11.7M"The Clown Prince"of"Crime"NewDawn
835518:9:2Zik39517.3M10.6M"Nas Escobar"of"NY State of Mind"NewDawn
82190103:3:7Etd9966.1M10.9M"The Amazing Adventures"of"Alexis Texas"NewDawn
8119445:1:7Zik7744.7M7.7M"1x Time Funny"of"2x F-ing Annoying No"NewDawn
805545:6:3Zik22846.3M11.5M"Jan Michael Vincent"of"Quadrant Vincent 16"NewDawn
7985157:7:7Cat12827.6M11.6M"The Love Tension"of"Between Cousins"NewDawn
788958:7:3Cat16097.5M10.2M"Christmas Eve party"of"Nakatomi Plaza"NewDawn
7743146:7:8Xan15615.6M16.2M"Bob Vance"of"Vance Refrigeration"NewDawn
76286224:3:4Cat8212.9M5.2M"Action Bronson"of"Flushing NY"NewDawn
75306296:5:4Cat4393.1M5.1M"Im Fox Mulder"of"The FBI"NewDawn
74639:7:2Etd48656.4M20.0M"Jenna Jamesons"of"Amazing Adventures"NewDawn
7382216:8:1Ter12975.4M6.8M"Tezuro Loves"of"Scanners and Scans"NewDawn
726779:7:1Cat7614.5M6.9M"No Dutch No Glory"of"No Guts No Story"NewDawn
71163191:9:4Etd13274.0M5.6M"Liliana"of"The Veil"NewDawn
Races played
Cnt Rnd Nick
2 83 Hider
2 81 petz
2 80 ana3d
2 79 Henkka
4 78 StephenC
2 78 Tomayro
2 78 Sardaukar
2 74 lannomal
Played with 71 players only once