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Xomaz old rounds
931431:5:65Xan17868.5M11.2M"Swedish support"of"Norwegian carry"DLR3
92165178:7:513Xan10506.0M7.9M"Ill save you the AU"of"Im full of Ghouls"DLR8
Skipped 1 round(s)
909283:2:723Xan16045.7M7.9M"Ill save you the AU"of"Im full of revs"Ironborn6
895866:7:223Xan11447.1M8.7M"Ill spare you the AU"of"Im full of CO"DLR6
88287232:3:812Etd6475.5M8.5M"Old SIM card"of"Dans Burner Phone_"DLR5
87921610:10:211Ter15473.9M9.7M"Swedish slave"of"Norwegian kingdom"DLR6
86612:10:13Xan9214.1M13.4M"Def planet"of"JDD and Relig"Zero Tolerance2
8516104:9:12Ter310910.1M14.2M"Def planet"of"European Union"DLR1
841733:1:711Cat12929.2M12.9M"The master"of"Def planets"DLR1
8397115:5:710Xan16676.2M9.7M"Def Planet"of"The Great Relig"Stellar6
822033:5:939Cat14585.2M14.2M"The painful absence"of"theodb and DD"Seductive9
81537124:2:953Xan2971.1M3.2M"Dont roid me"of"Roid theodb or DD"DLR12
806068:9:842Ter25735.5M11.5M"Best def bot"of"Planetarion"DLR11
7953105:10:37Ter34828.6M12.5M"THE Outstanding"of"Def Bot"DLR2
787028:4:42Zik23287.9M10.5M"Best Def Planet"of"Last Round"DLR8
77119:4:81Etd18163.4M23.8M"Def planet made for"of"theo and DD"DLR9
762924:8:326Xan9366.6M8.2M"The Ginger Gene"of"Rasmus Dahlin"DLR1
Skipped 25 round(s)
50782116200:18:173Xan3001.0M1.1M"Little MaD in HK"of"Without any Friends"No alliance-
4930138:4:431Cat7893.0M4.7M"Do NOT Mention The FOUR"of"To Ze Germans"DLR12
Skipped 3 round(s)
455756:6:114Etd16006.6M7.3M"The Perfectly Round Head"of"Karl Pilkington"DLR7
444733:1:712Xan13926.7M7.6M"If Lidstrom Aint Quitting Yet"of"Neither Am I"DLR11
4339275:7:760Etd3912.1M3.5M"The Missing Mullet"of"Manny Malhotra"DLR12
4222310:8:113Xan14616.2M8.2M"The Twisted Grin"of"Theoren Fleury"DLR5
411857:2:514Ter15877.5M8.3M"The Spot Distinguishing"of"The Sedin Twins"DLR5
40485174:4:735Etd4002.5M3.0M"You attack me"of"Me cov ops you"No alliance-
39182152:8:915Ter10813.8M5.0M"The fencing skills"of"Inigo Montoya"DLR10
Skipped 13 round(s)
Skipped 4 round(s)
202211:5:85Xan2940.8M4.2M"Do not steal"of"Your own Mother"h3lls angels19
Skipped 1 round(s)
18720277:2:1731Ter1400.9M1.4M"Im loaded with acne"of"Plz dont attack me"Escape13
Races played
Cnt Rnd Nick
3 93 Bee
5 93 Grog
2 93 Macaroth
2 93 tuck
2 90 Enzo
3 89 Byrney
5 89 theodb
3 89 TOMAS
7 87 JDD
8 86 ReligFree
3 85 goat
2 82 massacre
2 77 VenoX
2 49 MaD
2 49 Troll
2 45 Adds
2 42 Speedy-J
2 41 zebra
Played with 114 players only once