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Grimmy old rounds
Rnd Rnk(U) Rnk(A) Coords Race Size Value Score Rulername Planetname Alliance
84525372:10:7Zik4502.3M3.0M"The Night Sky is Full"of"The Flying Wombats"xVx
833362:2:5Cat13697.7M11.0M"The Rat Queen"of"The Cheese Roids"xVx
Skipped 27 round(s)
55554491:2:4Cat3001.8M2.4M"Yo Dawg"of"I got scans"NewDawn
54481562:6:8Etd5921.1M2.3M"The Definition"of"Insanity"NewDawn
53537551:7:13Cat1681.6M1.8M"Grim the Great"of"Karak Azgal"NewDawn
52275414:6:8Zik8483.6M5.2M"The Definition"of"Insanity"NewDawn
51158123:9:3Ter17015.0M6.3M"The Definition"of"Insanity"NewDawn
5098185:4:7Etd8253.9M7.3M"Grim the Great"of"Karak Azgal"NewDawn
49290437:6:4Zik13793.3M4.8M"Grim the Great"of"Karak Azgal"NewDawn
48470442:1:3Etd5702.3M3.7M"Grim the Great"of"Karak Azgal"NewDawn
47186107:8:5Xan21572.7M5.9M"Grim the Great"of"Karak Azgal"NewDawn
4676015:2:10Zik3440.8M1.0M"Grim the Great"of"Karak Azgal"CoR
Skipped 19 round(s)
26130955200:4:10Etd9164.5M4.9M"Grim_the_Great"of"Karak Azgal"Tides of Fire
2512722621:8:11Etd2700.4M0.4M"Grim the Great"of"Karak Azgal"No alliance
Skipped 5 round(s)
191985798200:12:13Zik360.1M0.1M"Grim the Great"of"Karak Azgal"No alliance
Skipped 1 round(s)
171297568:5:9Zik18400.7M0.8M"Grim the Great"of"Karak Azgal"Tides of Fire
Races played
Cnt Rnd Nick
2 55 Rocky
3 53 JungleKing
2 52 excal
2 51 Henrik
2 51 Macaroth
2 51 Zeurg
Played with 58 players only once