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Inforza old rounds
50847:5:33Zik34718.9M10.2M"ETERNAL GLORY"of"HAVING OWN ZIK SHIP"Ultores
Skipped 10 round(s)
397907715:1:359Zik6011.1M1.4M"Cardinal"of"n00b"No alliance
Skipped 2 round(s)
364174:4:621Cat7036.4M7.2M"I AM INFORZA"of"PLANET 4 4 6!!!"Apprime
35662514:6:518Ter17455.2M6.5M"Cardi Controls"of"this planet by VNC"Apprime
Skipped 1 round(s)
33117146:9:221Etd5623.8M5.1M"THIS ACC IS REMOTELY"of"CONTROLLED BY LITHS"Apprime
Skipped 1 round(s)
31351610:4:41Xan29885.7M7.2M"cains adult fantasy"of"doing girls"TOOT THE ALLIANCE
30179525:6:1012Ter10906.0M7.7M"The Endless Pleasure"of"Watching Big Hooters"Ascendancy
291673811:6:57Cat10212.8M4.6M"Lizardking"of"so seXi!!"Ascendancy
Skipped 2 round(s)
261218:8:82Zik1680937.0M44.2M"Davy Jones"of"The Flying Dutchman"Zelton
2569112:9:36Ter21823.7M5.5M"A Yellow Rubber Duck"of"Livs In My Bathtub"Ascendancy
24335369:8:87Cat3061.9M3.1M"Silence!!"of"I Keeeel joeeee!!!"Urwins
2325118:3:423Cat16284.9M5.6M"there r 6000000 ways"of"2 die! just choose 1"eXilition
2235310:7:1087Zik11553.8M5.0M"I am a user"of"foul words"Subh
214343714:8:1020Cat11772.2M3.0M"my father"of"was a rolling stone"Conspiracy
202481411:7:77Xan3961.2M2.9M"Inforza"of"eXilition"No alliance
19121273:7:213Xan1802.7M5.4M"2 many secrets r"of"lockd inside yr mind"eXilition
Skipped 2 round(s)
1623608151:6:48Ter1840.5M0.5M"Inforza is"of"signing up 4 fun"No alliance
152013617:1:15Xan21792.3M4.5M"The Darkness Merely"of"Hides The Light"eXilition
141013713:5:115Cat27173.7M6.8M"running for the"of"security at live aid"1up
Races played
Cnt Rnd Nick
2 50 Cutulin
2 39 dedin
3 36 Qerr
3 36 Cartman
3 31 Cain
5 31 Meatwax
3 31 TEKNO
2 30 Golan
2 30 vex
Played with 53 players only once