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Top crashers in last 24 ticks, last 72 tick, last week
Top 100 Scanners, Top 100 Distwhores (that are known)
Alliance forts
1:1No alliance6151.6M
1:2Cats WhiskerS4595.9M
1:3No alliance3132.2M
1:4Priscos batty boys3383.8M
1:5No alliance5190.1M
1:6No alliance4123.4M
1:7No alliance6301.7M
1:8No alliance7236.3M
1:9No alliance3127.3M
1:10No alliance5187.6M
2:1No alliance3105.2M
2:2Church of Rob5688.2M
2:3No alliance281.1M
2:5No alliance5194.9M
2:6No alliance4203.7M
2:7No alliance4203.0M
2:9No alliance4125.2M
3:1No alliance5196.8M
3:2Toms Penthouse4264.6M
3:4No alliance6227.3M
3:5No alliance5226.0M
3:6No alliance7233.9M
3:7No alliance3152.5M
3:8Church of Rob3234.1M
3:9Cats WhiskerS4557.5M
3:10No alliance6257.5M
4:1No alliance5195.8M
4:2No alliance7232.9M
4:3No alliance6266.6M
4:4No alliance5175.1M
4:5No alliance4140.0M
4:6No alliance273.8M
4:7No alliance5207.4M
4:8No alliance4173.8M
4:9No alliance6253.9M
5:1No alliance7232.3M
5:2No alliance4136.6M
5:4Havoc Predators4680.3M
5:5No alliance3163.1M
5:6Priscos batty boys2155.8M
5:7No alliance7296.3M
5:8No alliance6253.6M
5:9Havoc Predators2216.4M
5:10Cats WhiskerS3273.4M
6:1The Farm5361.9M
6:2No alliance5207.5M
6:3No alliance5185.8M
6:4No alliance5216.2M
6:5No alliance6227.5M
6:6No alliance5196.5M
6:8No alliance7330.7M
6:9No alliance4167.8M
6:10No alliance3113.3M
7:2No alliance5217.4M
7:3No alliance6239.7M
7:4Priscos batty boys4219.0M
7:5No alliance5214.3M
7:6No alliance7282.4M
7:7Priscos batty boys3251.3M
7:8Priscos batty boys2141.7M
7:9No alliance7335.4M
8:1No alliance3181.8M
8:2Cats WhiskerS3302.0M
8:3No alliance5218.5M
8:5No alliance3135.3M
8:6No alliance5185.0M
8:7No alliance382.2M
8:8No alliance5261.8M
8:9No alliance4141.4M
8:10No alliance5217.8M
9:1No alliance3150.3M
9:2No alliance5153.3M
9:3No alliance5183.6M
9:4No alliance5173.6M
9:5No alliance254.9M
9:6No alliance5187.9M
9:7No alliance4157.6M
9:8No alliance4186.7M
9:9No alliance6227.5M
10:1No alliance7271.1M
10:2No alliance4153.6M
10:3No alliance6307.6M
10:4Toms Penthouse3278.7M
10:6Havoc Predators5797.4M
10:7No alliance384.1M
10:8No alliance5175.6M
10:9No alliance6203.6M
200:1No alliance248.5M
200:2No alliance276.7M
200:3No alliance244.5M